User Guide to

  1. The keynote of the official website of the International Alliance of Protected Area (addressed simply as website in the following text) is to publicize global conservation works, promote coordination, communication and cooperation between worldwide protected areas, so as to achieve a harmony relationship between human and nature.


  1. The website address is
  1. Changing language: the website is available in two languages including Chinese and English. Users could change language freely through the menu at the right of navigation bar.


  1. Information Browsing: There are mainly three parts of this website, which are News, Members and About us. The News section mainly serves as a platform releasing the newest information and activities among global protected areas. The Members section displays natural environment and achievements of IAPA members. If a user wants to learn more about IAPA itself, he or she could click on About Us to browse the purposes, working progress, management mechanism, list of members and contact info of IAPA.
  1. Posting news: after registering as members and logging in through My Profile section, users could click on Post within the New Then, users could post their own information in News or Members section easily. New posts would be officially put on the website after being reviewed by the IAPA secretariat.



  1. Joining IAPA: administrations of protected areas all over the world or other relevant staffs can join us by clicking on the “Join IAPA” button on the right or in navigation bar. Then, please follow the instructions to fill and submit the Membership Form. After being approved by the IAPA secretariat, the administration would become a member of IAPA when receiving a digital certificate.
  1. Subscription: to subscribe regular updates from IAPA for work5 reports and relevant activities, users should enter names and email addresses into appropriate places
    of “Subscribe to our Newsletter” on the right of the website.