• Work Report of the IAPA 2015/2016

    The completion of relevant registration processes. The preparation and establishment of the International Alliance of Protected Areas (IAPA) has been hugely supported by the State Forestry Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences, conservation organization both domestic and overseas. Especially via guidance and support from the International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS), IAPA is now affiliated with ISZS and has become legally establishing in China. This ensures activities held by the Secretariat in order to promote international communication. ISZS has also established the Protected Area Working Group to help IAPA on membership development, assist its forum and General Assembly, organize theme reports and communication, develop and maintain a website and data management system, edit and distribute Newsletter (twice a year), promote IAPA, and carry out relevant research cooperation and training. The growth of IAPA regarding both scale and influence. Since the beginning of the IAPA, 45 PAs have registered as members, including 34 PAs in China and 11 from other countries. Ten international conservation organizations have registered as observers. Among these, 8 members and 5 observers joined after the General Assembly (GA) at Shennongjia National Nature Reserve. Implementation of workplan 2015/2016 set during the last GA. During the past year, through common

  • Welcome to Changbai Mountain International Eco-Forum 2016 & General Assembly of IAPA 2016

    Welcome to Changbai Mountain International Eco-Forum 2016 & General Assembly of International Alliance of Protected Areas 2016 Autumn wind is breezing gently. Forests have turned into brilliant colors of yellow and red. Distinguished guests and friends from both domestic and overseas gather at the foot of Changbai Mountain to attend the grand Changbai Mountain International Ecological Forum (CMIEF) 2016 and the General Assembly of the International Alliance of Protected Areas 2016. Changbai Mountain International Ecological Forum is co-sponsored by Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China, State Forestry Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China MAB Committee and the People’s Government of Jilin Province. The CMIEF is organized by Changbai Mountain Administration Committee. It is the only international conference featured ecological civilization in northeastern China. In accordance with the ecological civilization concept of “Respect Nature, Conform to Nature and Protect Nature” and the call of “Start a New Era of Ecological Civilization and Construct a Beautiful China” raised during the 18th CPC National Congress. The forum is based in Northeastern Asia and open to the whole world, determining to improve the international stature and influences of China in natural conservation area. Further strengthening

  • Brief introduction of the 2015 IAPA Annual Meeting

     Name of Event The 2015 Annual Meeting of International Alliance of Protected Areas Duration and Venue Duration: October 10th -15th   Venue: Muyu town, Shennongjia Forestry District, Hubei China Theme Opening and Cooperation – The Road to Conservation Organizer Hosting organizer The IAPA Preparatory Committee People’s Government of Shennongjia Forestry District Sponsor organizer Jilin Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve Hubei Shennongjia National Nature Reserve Participants IAPA Preparatory Committee members, delegates from IAPA members and observers Delegates from important international & domestic organizations and professional institutes Delegates from related government agencies Activities The Opening Ceremony of the 2015 IAPA Annual Meeting Experience sharing symposium of IAPA members Discussion of the challenges in protected area management Protected area management training workshop Discussion of the future development of protected areas Field trip in Shennongjia Nature Reserve   Itinerary & Activities   Date Time Activities Chair October 11th, Sunday The Opening Ceremony of the IAPA 2015 Annual Meeting         Wang Daxing 08:30-08:40     08:40-08:50             08:50-09:10       09:10-09:20 Welcome speech – Li Faping,  District Mayor of Shennongjia Forestry District Speech – Xie Zhongyan,Director General of Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve Management Bureau/Director,Changbai Mountain Protection

  • 2014 Changbai Mountain International Eco-Forum & International Alliance of Protected Areas Annual Meeting, China  

    Agenda                Workshop 1: The inheritance and development of ecological culture 分论坛一:生态文化的传承与发展 Time 时间: 13:30 — 18:00, 10th Sept.  9月10日 Location地点: The main venue of the forum长白山国际生态论坛主会场 Chairs主持人: Bing Zheng邴正,   Zhuang Guiyang庄贵阳 Sheng Lianxi盛连喜 Treasure high quality natural endowment, innovate green development model. 珍惜优质自然禀赋,创新绿色发展模式 Liu Baodang刘保党 The nature of Chinese Culture. 中国文化的本性 Zhuang Guiyang庄贵阳 Low carbon path of ecological civilization construction. 生态文明建设的低碳路径 Hans Thulstrup Experiences and lessons from UNESCO’s site-based networks. 联合国教科文组织保护地工作网络的经验和教训 BaoGuozhang包国章 Relationship between ecology and culture. 生态与文化的关系 Sun Shijun孙世军 The concept and conservation management strategy of Greater Changbai Mountain. 大长白山理念及保护管理对策 Bing Zheng邴正 Put forth effort to promote the construction of ecological civilization and the harmonious development of man and nature.大力推进生态文明建设与人与自然的和谐发展 SunRuomei孙若梅 Ecological culture and Chinese modern agricultural development. 生态文化与中国现代农业发展 John MacKinnon Red Lining as a tool to assist in PA management in China. 利用红线为工具促进中国保护地的管理 Liu Fuseng刘福森 Several philosophical concepts which must be beyond in ecological philosophy. 生态哲学必须超越的几个哲学观念 Jeffrey McNeely Culture of the nature, or the nature of culture. 自然的文化还是文化的自然 Wang Deli王德利 Biodiversity— the cornerstone on which Changbai Mountain lives. 生物多样性——长白山赖以生存的基石   Communication meeting of IAPA/ISZS 国际自然保护区联盟(国际动物学会)交流会 Time时间:        20:00 — 21:30   10 Sept.  9月10日 Location地点:      The branch venue of the forum长白山国际生态论坛分会场 Participants参会人员:Representatives from international and national conservation organizations and

  • Changbai Mountain International Eco-Festival 2013 China

    Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve is located in Jilin province, northeastern of China. The reserve was established in 1960, involved in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve Network in 1980, assessed as “Grade A Protected Area of Global Importance” in 1992 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and ranked as one of the most important monitoring mountainous area by MAB and other ten international organizations in 2003. Changbai Mountain is the source of the three big rivers in Northeast China, namely the Songhua, Tumen and Yalu rivers. The mountain has one of the highest species richness and best conserved biodiversity areas on the same latitude. It represents the most typical natural complex of the northern half of the Eurasian Continent. The earth is shared by all life, strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and protecting biodiversity are the common responsibilities and obligations for mankind. In order to further strengthen the protection of biodiversity in Changbai Mountain and to build a beautiful China, the Changbai Mountain International Eco-Festival will be held from 28th June to 2nd July 2013 in Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve. The theme of this eco-festival is “Conserving A Variety of Species, Promoting Ecological Civilization”.