2018/2019 Workplan of International Alliance of Protected Areas

2018/2019 Workplan of International Alliance of Protected Areas


Plan Relevant By-law code Leader Deadline
1. Prepare and update simple operation guides on following topics
1.1 Revise and update guides on monitoring, education, friendly development 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.6 EC members, observers, members Draft before June 2019
1.2 Prepare ecological restoration operation guide John McKinnon
1.3 Prepare eco-tourism operation guide Freek Venter
2. Promote the partnership among PA members, including, sister PAs as Changbaishan NR and Alaska Sanctuary, Kruger National Park and Changbaishan NR, Nebrodi Regional Park and Changbaishan NR, Fanjingshan and Changbaish NR. Alin NR, Kruger NP and Tangjiahe NR 3.1 Relevant members Before 2019 Annual Meeting
3. Organize tour studies in conjunction with activities of the International Society of Zoological Sciences. Voluntary participation, self-financing.

3.1 A plan has been made to visit New Zealand in 1-8 December 2019 combined with the ISZS congress;

3.2 A symposium on PA management to Kenya has planned in Nairobi (around 50 participants) and a field trip to Masai Mara National Reserve.

3.1 Secretariat and relevant members Before 2019 Annual Meeting
4. 2019 IAPA Annual Meeting will be held in Hanma NNR in July 2019.

4.1 Prepare ahead and conduct training on operation guides during the Annual Meeting.

4.2 To make PPTs bilingual to improve communications during annual meeting

4.3 The topic of the Annual Meeting could be transboundary conservation cooperation.

3.1; 11 Hanma NNR, Changbaishan NNR, Secretariat, EC members March-July 2019
5. Conduct a questionnaire study on status and needs of IAPA members 5.3, 7.2 Secretariat and relevant members March-May 2019
6. Review impact of protected areas on freshwater biodiversity 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 Einar Topiltzin Contreras MacBeath Before 2019 Annual Meeting
7. Enhance awareness of the importance of PAs through websites and other ways. Expand memberships among more types of PAs 3.5; 7 Secretariat and members All year
8. Production of IAPA Newsletters 12 Secretariat Before 2019 Annual Meeting