Maramureș Mountains Nature Park



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Maramureș Mountains Nature Park is located in the north part of

Maramureş County, on an area of 133.418 hectares which includes Borșa,

Moisei, Vișeu de Sus, Vișeu de Jos, Leordina, Ruscova, Repedea, Poienile de

sub Munte, Valea Vișeului, Petrova and Bistra. The range of the Maramureş

Mountains, up to the Romania- Ukraine border, is part of the park.

Staring with 2005, they have been declared protected area of national

interest. The main reasons for this decision were: the specific landscape

where mountains covered in woods interchange with mountain pastures; yet

stable ecosystems of wildlife, emblematic of Carpathian Mountains; the

existence of widespread natural habitats; a traditional way of life, directly

dependent upon natural resources

Organization name Maramures Mountains Nature Park
Address 22 Decembrie No. 20, Viseu de Sus, Maramures
Organization website
Contact person’s name Bogdan Catalina
Contact person’s mailing address 22 Decembrie No. 20, Viseu de Sus, Maramures
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Contact person’s telephone 0040728131969
Contact person’s fax 0040262352217
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