Sichuan Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve,China

Tangjiahe Nature Reserve was established in 1978 and joined the world “man and biosphere” reserve in 2009.It is comprehensive nature reserve with giant pandas and their habitat being the major protection objects.

It is located in  northwest of Qingchuan County,Guangyuan city,north of Longmen mountain and south of the Motianling ,which belongs to Sichuan Basin on the northern edge of the mountains and valleys. The total area of 40000 hectares, the highest peak 3864 meters above sea level, the relative elevation 2700 meters, the terrain is very complex.It is a comprehensive national collection of species and ecological protection, scientific research, international exchanges, ecological civilization education, water conservation, ecological tourism and sustainable development of the multifunctional nature reserve.

According to the survey, 430 species of vertebrates, which belong to the national protected animal has 72 kinds, one class protection animal has 13.The number of pandas for more than 60, Golden Monkey more than 1000, takin just over 1200; there are 2422 species of plants, rare plants belong to national key protection has 12, 4 of which are listed as first-class protected species. Tangjiahe as Min Shan mountain range is an important part of the main habitat of the giant panda, Which has been designated as a Class A nature reserve by WWF. It is one of the world’s hotspots for biodiversity conservation.There has YinPing Road of the Three Kingdom Period, the battle site in Motianling area where the Red Army had several fierce fights against the Kommintang Army, and many original ecological landscapes,which is Summer resort , Eco-Photography, the ideal place to watch the wildlife, but also an important base for research and teaching. Hailed as “Natural Gene Pool”, “Home of Life” and Min Shan mountain range of “Green Pearl.”